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Leif is fascinated by the transition and development of people on their individual and personal level. He is passionate about coaching those who are in search of their purpose and want to discover and deploy their full potential.

He gained his knowledge in communtication psychology in various trainings, e.g. in workshops with Brendon Burchard, the „world’s leading high performance coach“ (Success Magazine) and from Brendon’s High Performance Institute he was certified as a High Performance Coach.

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"Close to the end of my studies in mechanical engineering I found myself lost for any purpose or direction. I knew that I didn't want to work as an engineer my entire life, because that just wouldn't have done it for me. So, lost as I was, a friend picked me up and dragged me along to a personal develepment event. I wasn't a big fan, nor did I get much out of it, as I was too stubborn and shy to fully engage and participate properly. But the idea to help others, as that guy on stage did, sprung into my mind. My girlfriend at the time had proceeded in her personal development for quite some time and in many ways surpassed me. She invited me to come to the US with her to participate at an event with Brendon Burchard. I was curious as to how a man could become so successful being a coach as Brendon did, so I went. Still, it wasn't until my third event of personal development that I finally realised that I needed to step out of my comfort zone if I really wanted to make progress. So I did, and now I am a Certified High Performance Coach."

Leif Tittel
Certified High Performance Coach

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